gdpr tool for zendesk support delete tickets automatically

Makes your Zendesk
GDPR compliant.

Customers privacy is a serious thing. Same is GDPR. That's why we've made it easier than ever to make sure your Zendesk is GDPR compliant with

Just set up your automatic rules and then will do the rest.
No more deleting tickets manually.

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All packed in a simple product.

With the time where you have to delete tickets manually
in order to be compliant with the law is over.

We've packed in a simple SaaS product, so you can control what should be deleted or redacted automatically without an ease.

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Must-haves features for a GDPR
friendly software for Zendesk

We've created with features that are a must-haves in a
GDPR friendly software for Zendesk.

get tickets redacted automatically with

Automatically anonymize

With you can setup rules for automatically anonymizing tickets.

For instance, you can set it up to anonymize tickets older than 30 days.

get tickets deleted automatically in Zendesk with

Automatically delete tickets enables you to automatically deletes tickets. Just setup the rules.

For instance, that it should delete all tickets older than 180 days.

stay gdpr compliant in zendesk with

Keep your statistic

Even though you delete or anonymize the tickets in Zendesk, you won't loose your statistics.

So you stay compliant with the law, but still keeps your statistics in Zendesk.