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Our #helpsome customer service experts Dennis and Thomas will be available for booking, so you can get a session to discuss customer service and what call center or overall solutions would suit you. 


Customer service through calls is, although not always the biggest part, a very valuable part of customer service. It doesn’t take much complication before customers lose patience when it comes to bad reception, complicated call direction, waiting time, etc.


babelforce’s call center software has some great solutions to these common issues. You can hear much more about this at Call Center World Berlin.

“Going with Zendesk and babelforce has proven to be the right decision. The customer experience is far superior. It’s amazing.”

Boris Petrov

Head of Customer Service, Remix Second Hand

Whether you’re a company working with and offering innovative dialogue solutions or a company in one, this is the place to be! 


You'll be able to find us at the babelforce booth. It's number 2E17 and can be found in aisle E in Hall 2. 


So book a meeting with us and babelforce so we can chat about your options for customer service optimization in Zendesk. And then we’ll see you at Call Center World Berlin in March


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