Do You Use Social Media in Your Customer Service?

Lasting impact of Covid-19 on customer experiences

The number of consumers on social media continues to grow. So, it makes total sense to incorporate the use of social media into your customer service strategy.


Major e-commerce companies and retail chains, including About You and Matas  are already using social media proactively. Not just to promote their business, but also as an important channel in the dialogue between staff and customers. And not just for tackling complaints and problems, but also – and just as importantly – to service and provide advice in the very place where their customers spend so much time: on social media.

In 2020, more than 3.6 billion people used social media on a regular basis – a figure that is expected to rise to 4.42 billion by 2025! (Statista).


Working with social media in a customer service context requires both strategic considerations and the development of hands-on policies. Which are the most important social media? How much should you expect of your staff? Do staff need any in-service training? What tools and systems are required? What is our response time? How long do we keep the dialogue public and when do we go private? Etc. etc. etc.

Careful consideration and proper preparation will enable you to offer your customers an efficient, consistent and streamlined service, because your staff will know exactly how to react when they receive a complaint, see that the company has been mentioned or provide tips on social media.

33% of consumers between the ages of 18-34 have tried to contact a company's customer service department on social media! (Microsoft)


Get it right and the rewards are huge. Good customer service on social media has a ripple effect and will enhance your brand image. If you can manage to transform dissatisfied customers into happy customers, they can become your biggest fans and share their positive experiences in their networks.

95.6% of consumers state that comments about a brand by other consumers on social media influence them (Conversocial)


Of course, sometimes the opposite happens! Then they share their bad experiences of dialogue with your company – or lack thereof – on social media. But that is exactly where a well-defined strategy and proactive use of social media in your customer service comes in.

42% of consumers expect to receive a response to an enquiry submitted on social media in 60 minutes! (Convince&Convert)


Working with social media will take you that one step closer to the omnichannel experience that is becoming increasingly more vital in the battle for consumers, who flit between more channels and more platforms than ever before



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