Customer experience trends of 2019



To get successful with your business, you have to understand the purpose of providing a good customer experience (CX). It’s not only about the fundamental elements, but also about creating a thought-through strategy where you define the focus and goals of your brand. Your target should be customer retention. Instead of trying to attract new customers businesses now focus on keeping good relationships with the current ones.


The most important CX rules

  • Listen to your customers and focus on improvements for them
  • Face-to-face interactions before live chat, bots or social media
  • CX is not a department, it is your company
  • Understand your clients and their reality
  • Base your goals on customer feedback


Listen to your customers and keep it real

The only way to improve CX is by listening to the customers. There are many ways to get insights which can help your brand to improve. Including a simple survey inside of an email might get you some answers, but is that the quality of feedback that your brand should be looking for? It is a good start, but it's just not enough. CX leaders should put all efforts into building real relationships with customers and carefully listen to their opinions. Instead of relying solely on chatbots, social media or live chat, invite your customer out for coffee. Honest dialogue is the key to success. The newest technologies made us forget how to have a normal conversation, but keep in mind that a face-to-face talk will get you the valuable feedback you are looking for.


Customer experience is your company

Customer experience is not something only a few people in your company should be working with. Instead, CX must be an overall vibe of the company, and all your employees should be introduced to it during the onboarding process. To keep the CX alive inside the office workers have to be a part of it, e.g. hear customers feedback, have an impact on the CX journey, website UX or have a chance to meet a client (even if it’s just a handshake or saying ‘hi’ at the office). This way an employee is a real part of the CX! Customer experience is everything that belongs to your brand, from your commercials and website to your employees and workspace.


Learn how to provide a helpsome customer experience


Understand your clients and their reality

It sounds simple: to provide a good CX, your business must have all the processes optimised, understandable and fast working website, pleasing design, flawless customer service and avoid unnecessary steps in the journey which can confuse or irritate the customer. However, in reality, it is very hard, and the only way to handle the challenge is to get to know the customer better than yourself and be a step or two ahead. The only way to achieve the goal is to interact with your clients and their reality regularly.


Learning by doing - base your goals on customer feedback

However, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We all make mistakes, and it is a good way to learn and improve. Every client is different and as a company grows and expands it gets harder to please every single customer (although it should always be your goal!).


Here the essential element of CX is: Customer Service. It’s the only place where your agents can turn a frustrated client into a loyal customer. There is never an issue that cannot be solved, so don't forget to work efficiently! Customer Service (CS) is responsible for handling all of the requests your customers make across all your channels, including social media, phone calls, messages or emails. It’s a lot to handle, and poor CS can have a drastic impact on your CX. An excellent way for every business to improve their CS is by using a helpdesk. If you want to know why, take a look at this blog post: “5 reasons why your E-Commerce Needs a Customer Service Software”.


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Customer Experience is all about creating good relationships with customers, and that's why it's important not to fall for easy solutions. The newest technologies (bots, live chat, social media) are useful, but they will never replace a real, face-to-face conversation. The focus of every brand must be to gather relevant feedback because that is the only way to improve! If you build your CX based on unreliable data then don’t expect your business to rock - only good efforts bring a good outcome!