1st birthday of helphouse.io


We launched helphouse.io on April 1st 2017 (no april fools). The idea of the company and the cooperation with Zendesk was created by Carl Hye Thaisen (CEO), Hans Andersen (CTO) and Carsten Falborg (CSO) and things have not stood still since then. Helphouse.io are very proud to have become the only Zendesk Premier Solution Provider in Denmark. In just one year we have had the opportunity to work with some of the largest brands in Denmark and internationally, companies such as Dansk Supermarked, TV 2, Bitcoins Norway, Intersport and many more - we’re so proud of this. The service is based on implementing and licensing Zendesk products, providing technical support, develop custom integrations and apps and training agents to get the most out of Zendesk.


We started our journey with a small table at the office space Coworking Plus. In October 2017 the company moved into a new office in the heart of Odense and became neighbours with Umbraco, House of Code and Change. In november 2017 we became Zendesk Premier Solution Providers. We’ve also grown a bit - from 1½ man in the office to 7 people in 12 months, all being busy helping businesses providing awesome customer service to their customers - and we’re having a great time doing it! A part from the founders, the crew of helphouse.io consists of our very creative designer Niels who is responsible for brand identity and the visual outcome of our content, Lasse and Louise our developers are in training to become Zendesk ninjas. Last but not least me, Marza, I’m responsible for marketing, communication and social media.


In March 2018 helphouse.io organised an event in collaboration with IT-Branchen and Zendesk. The main topic was Artificial Intelligence and the future of customer service. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to talks about AI, learn about Zendesk and network with existing Zendesk users. We had the pleasure to meet and host representatives from many interesting companies.


Read more about the event


The origin of Zendesk is Copenhagen, Denmark. Zendesk makes it possible to make your customer service smart and free up time to give better service. Zendesk is currently used by 110.000 companies in 89 countries all around the world. According to an external report Zendesk provides full ROI in 2.8 months, this means that companies get their investment back after implementation, optimisation, streamlining and integration in really short period of time.

As you now know, we have a lot to celebrate. It was a very successful year. We’re super motivated to do even more and better!