Impact of Zendesk on the Economics 2017

Zendesk as a platform is promising a lot of benefits by providing modern solutions for solving customer service issues. To narrow down general statements Zendesk commissioned Forester Consulting to conduct a TEI study and evaluate the potential ROI that organizations that are using the platform can realize. For that purpose, seven companies were interviewed, topics are covering financial benefits and risks of implementation of Zendesk.

Most important facts:

  • ROI (Return Of Investment) 390%
  • Benefits PV (Present Value) $3.8 million
  • NPV (Net Present Value) $3 million
  • Payback (benefits = costs) 2.9 months

Quantified benefits - three years:

  • Increased efficiency of agents
  • Deflected customer interactions
  • Improved agent experience and retention
  • Avoided cost of maintaining previous platform
  • Avoided licence cost of previous software
  • Increased conversion rates engaging over chat

Cost (risk-adjusted) three years

  • Cost of Zendesk licence - $615633
  • Cost of implementation- $24570
  • Cost of optional projects - $130560

In total company after 3 years is facing costs of $770.763, even though the amount is not small the ROI equals 390%. The benefit of using Zendesk can be estimated to $3,774,662.

Improvements after using Zendesk:

  • Shorten the calls of 25 seconds
  • 20% of the incoming emails were solved by using autoresponders
  • Increasing number of interactions on lower cost channels
  • Reducing costs of hiring and training agents for more than $287.000 in 3 years

Understanding how many good changes can bring well-structured and quality customer service is a key for success. By seeing real cases and numbers, it is easier to see the benefits of implementation of Zendesk. The article was not a comparison of Zendesk to other helpdesk platforms.

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There is much more to discover! Customer service is an amazing and interesting topic and gathered knowledge can be a great tool in your future business!

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Source"A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned By Zendesk May 2017"