Zendesk - interesting facts #1

We are awesome and need to share with you some amazing facts about Zendesk!

Zendesk is a customer service software company, main office is placed in San Francisco, California. Currently the company has 2000 workers, partners all around the globe and provides service to 114000 customers in 150 different countries.


Zendesk was set up in 2007 by 3 friends in Copenhagen

In October 2011 Zendesk won German ‘Best in Cloud’ Awards

2015 – Zendesk wind Most Innovative Use of Big Data at the UK Cloud Awards

Zendesk set up Zendesk Neighbour Foundation to support local communities

Zendesk has offices in London, Madison, Taguig, Copenhagen, Dublin, Tokyo, Montpellier, Berlin, Melbourne, Singapore and Sao Paulo

With Zendesk agents gather insights on customer service

Zendesk allows to communicate with clients in real time

Zendesk increases efficiency of customer service

Zendesk Help Centre can be added to a Google Analytics account

Zendesk is very strict about protecting data of the users.


There is much more to discover! Zendesk is an amazing and interesting topic and gathered knowledge can be a great tool in your future business!

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Source: ZendeskWikipedia