Customer service - business facts #1


We want to share some information on how important it is for your business and your benefits from taking good care of your clients!

  • Great customer service will make 86% of buyers pay more
  • Over 50% of organisations will focus on investing into customer experience innovations
  • 87% of customers claim that brands should focus on providing coherent experience
  • Repeating issue to multiple representatives got 89% of customers frustrated.
  • Bad mobile experience lowers the will to engage with company to 52%
  • 90% of customers were not satisfied with the experience while seeking out support on mobile
  • 67% of customers resign the service because of bad experiences
  • 13% of dissatisfied customers will let 15+ people know about bad experiences
  • 72% of satisfied customers will share a good experience with 6+ people
  • Customers are willing to pay 14% more for good service 1
  •  90% of consumers say they expect consistency and continuity from a brand across channels 2

Understanding clients, their needs and expectations is a key for any business to be succeed. Well-developed customer service strengthens the brand and builds loyalty-based relationships with clients. As statistics show it is also important to not forget about the financial aspects, and how we can benefit by raising turnover and income.



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